Testimonials - OCD Pellets

Just wanted to share my success with this product

Back in 2022 Roxentwist, CJ a Westphalian was only a couple months old when we found a bone cyst lying in her right front pastern that was causing some discomfort and inflammation. I had her examined by a vet with x rays and lameness examinations which concluded in some stall rest and the use of OCD Pellets. I have had her on it ever since that day and she has been sound with no swelling ever since! I will have x-rays to confirm the state of the cyst when she is fully developed, but thus far it has seemed to seriously target these conditions and work as a preventative supplement. Also she loves it and eats it right out of the hand! Just wanted to share my success with this product and have shared it with a couple other growing youngsters with similar issues that have had great results as well!

Rowan E.


Once again, the pellets have helped

I'm still amazed how well OCD Pellets works! Thank you again for developing a product that works.

OCD Pellets have helped my horses on several occasions. Last year around November, my colt got a plug bit out of his right hip by one of my girls reaching across the fence. He turned really fast to get away, turning over his left hock and twisting it...it's been very puffy since. Two and a half weeks ago, I started him on a double dose of the OCD Pellets and took a picture today. Once again, the pellets have helped one of my horses. Can't thank you enough for developing a product that actually works.

Here is his left hock, the left side is two and a half weeks ago, right side is today.

Tina L.


A great product for physitis and OCD lesions in young horses!

We had a foal that started her life out pretty rough: born premature with some growth issues. As a yearling, she had some bouts of physitis and suspicious areas on x-ray that looked like possible OCD lesions starting. I read about Doc's Products' OCD Pellets and figured it wouldn't hurt to try. She was on them for a year and all of the initial areas of concern were gone when we had new x-rays taken as a 2-year-old. Great products!!

Amanda B.


A Life Saved!

Six months ago, my family adopted "Eclipse," a 16-year-old Arabian with a sad past. He had experienced malnutrition at an early age and was small and suffered from serious suspensory ligament issues. After doing research, I found your product and we started him on it. He spent most of the early days we had him laying down in his turnout but, as the days went by, we noticed that he was walking around more and more. After 6 weeks, he was running at the horses near him so we started hand-walking him. After 3 months, we were able to turn him out in the arena. Today, after 6 months, it brings happy tears to our eyes to say this, our horse is running like an Arabian in the arena. We haven't seen him laying down in months and his demeanor is that of a happy, pain-free horse. Thank you for your product! It saved his life. As an equine nutritionist and body therapist, I recommend OCD Pellets to all my clients with any bone or joint issues. I am sending Eclipse's before and after pictures. It's hard to believe it's the same horse but, hand to heaven, it is! Thank you again. We will forever be grateful customers.

E. York
Phoenix, AZ


Amazing Product!

About 6 months ago our colt was diagnosed with pretty severe OCD on both stifles. The first veterinary surgeon recommended to put him down, second and third opinions were less pessimistic, but thought surgery would be necessary.

We started him on your OCD pellets in February 2020, as recommended per our discussions. We just got new radiographs in August 2020 His right stifle is 100% healed. The left had two significant lesions; one was 100% and the other was more than 50% healed. Expectations are he will be 100% sound within another couple months continuing on pellets twice per day. Cannot thank you enough for creating this amazing product.

Ellijay, GA


Amazing Results!

My 10-month-old colt was diagnosed with osteochondrosis of his lateral femoral trochlea. When we took him to the vet, he was walking with a bad limp and if he attempted to trot it was on three legs. He was put on Equioxx and a 'wait and see' approach. After a week of no change, I searched out what can be done and I found OCD Pellets. After 1 week of being on the pellets I could already see a HUGE improvement. It has now been three months and his movement is like night and day. We went from "we might have to put him down" to "oh my gosh, look! He is trotting and you can't even see anything wrong!" We have a ways to go but could not wait to tell how amazing this product has been for our colt. In time, we will take new xrays and ultrasound images and share the before and after amazing results!

Kathy S.
Nuevo, CA


My Vet and I are Truly Amazed!

I paid $1 for a 2-year-old off-the-track Thoroughbred gelding with a fracture the length of his right front cannon bone. I asked the trainer if he was stable enough to travel and he said he was doing good and it shouldn’t be a problem. So, off we went for a 7-hour trip to get him. When we arrived at the track, we were surprised to see them duct taping pieces of wood to stabilize his leg for the ride home. All the vet would tell us is that it was fractured and not displaced. The vet sent me one picture of the fracture from the day it happened and when we arrived, it was two days later. He traveled well and on the long ride home, we researched and found your product. It sounded too good to be true, but it was worth a shot. So we ordered and it arrived so quickly and the extra bucket was great.

I normally don’t do reviews or testimonials but my vet and I are truly amazed at how quickly and how much new quality bone was produced in less than three months. Jinx is 100% sound and is now getting turned out in small areas and will go on to start his eventing career in the fall. Here are the before and after X-rays, taken January 5th 2020 and March 27th 2020.

Katy K.


I am so happy my pony is finally comfortable!

I am pleased to give you an update on my Connemara, Story. He has been on the OCD pellets since January and is doing very well. This is the first season in years he has not needed front hoof injections, and he is now completely off of Equioxx!! He has not had one lame step and is able to soundly trot circles and patterns in both directions. He looks great and is eager to work. I am so relieved as I was dreading the annual osphos conversation with my vet which he had been pushing due to Story's chronic navicular syndrome symptoms. I am not sure why but has not had any of his usual spring front hoof abscesses either. My farrier has decided to keep him in the therapeutic package of aluminum heartbars and leather pads on the front. This and the pellets seem to be working beautifully.

Much gratitude,

Melanie V.
Amston, CT


I have my horse back!

I can not tell you how your amazing product has changed my horses life !!!!! And my life! Krymsun is a 6 year old Reg Q horse who I purchased when he was four. About 6 months after buying Krym he started coming up lame. Radiographs showed large osseous cyst in both hind coffin bones. After trying everything possible that my vets could think of nothing was working for him, they informed me that they had run out of options. Everyone was telling me to retire him or sell him. I could not give up on this amazing horse, he has a great mind and an ever better disposition. So I decided to start doing a little research on my own to see if I could find some product that could at least make him a little more comfortable. I tried a couple of different supplements that were unsuccessful before I came across Doc’s OCD Pellets. Krym has been on OCD now for a month and all I can say is Amazing I have my horse back!!!!! He is bright eyed, alert and wanting to go!!!! No lameness at all!!! I have been riding him everyday and he is just getting better and better. Waiting 90 days before I have him re-radiographed, but my vets are speechless they cannot believe the change in him in just 30 days. I am have become your biggest spokesman telling everyone !!!!! Even Krym’s farrier saw the difference in him, how he can now stand comfortably while shoeing. Thank you from Debbie and Krymsun Deborah S.

Deborah S.
Trumbull, CT


I am so happy that I found Doc's products

I hope that you will share my story in hopes that it will help them to choose your products to heal their animals. This here is Kodak or Nova's Kodak Moment my Registered APHA horse. Kodak is my first horse, I have had him since he was 15 months old. Now he is 15 years old. We've done everything from overnight trail rides to western pleasure to speed classes. He is my go to horse. about 2 years ago I was racing a friend down a dirt road and Kodak felt off, then suddenly he jumped into the ditch for no reason. Next thing I knew he was lame on his front right leg. He would barely put any pressure on it. I ended up trailering him home. Had him x-rayed the first time they didn't see anything wrong as I thought he had chipped his splint bone or damaged a tendon. So i opted to find a good joint supplement, when I stumbled across Doc's products. It was very expensive for such a little amount but then I saw money back guarantee and all of the reviews from so many people were really great. So I opted to buy OCD Pellets and put him on it. Told myself it can't hurt. Months later my gut was telling me something was still wrong with Kodak. I went and got a second opinion from A different vet. Come to find out he had a non-displaced condylar fracture of his cannon bone!!!! The vet was astounded that he was walking!! When we inspected the x-rays we found that it had already started to calcify on the outer part of the bone!! The vet said this normally takes 3 screws and a 6 thousand dollar surgery to fix this kind of injury! This is truly amazing!I quickly ordered more of the supplement from Doc's Products as I knew this is was was healing him so fast. I had Kodak on Doc's products for four months ( it recommends 90 days) but I felt another month would be worth it. Eight months after Kodak first X-ray he was completely healed as seen in the x-rays. I slowly brought him back to work over the winter and competed with him again in barrel racing this year 2018. I am so happy that I found Doc's products to help my 15 year old beloved horse still be able to race and go on trail rides. As him being my first horse he is very special to me and I want him to live for a very long time. 😊 If you know your horse has a fracture of any kind I would not hesitate to put them on this supplement. FYI all the racing photos were taken this year.

Tanya G.
Wallace, MI


You made a believer out of me!

My 5 year old barrel horse Smarty was diagnosed with a large OCD lesion on her right hock on June 17, 2018 by Dr. Rob Thoni. At the time of the diagnosis she had been on equi bone for 4 months. Dr.Thoni suggested that I put Smarty on OCD Pellets. I started Smarty on the pellets on June 24, 2018. Today, she was re-xrayed and I couldn't believe my eyes. The x-ray showed an OCD lesion was closing up. Unbelievable. I am a skeptic when it comes to supplements. But your product proved otherwise. Thank you for helping my barrel horse. She is so special to me! You made a believer out of me!

Amber O.
Terrell, TX


Thank you for these wonderful products

I purchased the OCD pellets for horses for my 24 yr. old gelding who suffered a stifle injury I have not been able to get him to pick up the opposite hind leg due to the pain it was causing on the injured leg. Uses loading dose from Aug. 6, 2018 and on Aug. 18, I was finally able to get him to pick up his foot enough for me to clean it. It's been a year since I was able to clean all four hooves. Will continue to use in hope that we can soon have hooves trimmed.

Thank you for these wonderful products that help our beloved pets get back to a healthy life-style.

Denise C.​
Preston, CT


AMAZING RESULT – “You saved my horses life”

As horse owners, you know we will try anything especially when we are desperate. Dylan broke his leg May 7, 2018 and at 24 years old you know it’s a long road if it heals at all. I found OCD Pellets in July and bought the buy one gets one free offer. I figured anyone who backs their product with a 100% guarantee must have something to offer. We X-rayed at the end of August. IMPRESSIVE! My vet was amazed at the quick progress after we started OCD Pellets and were impressed, he was still alive. I just ordered another bucket and will probably keep him on it for the next several months as he is in rehab. I have to say, going from the first day of injury wondering if I would have to put down my best friend to standing here today talking about rehab in a few weeks... Thank you Doc’s! You gave me my horse back.

Update 12/12/18
I also had a rehab specialist out today and she was absolutely amazed at his recovery. I trotted him in hand and she couldn’t believe there is no sign of lameness. She didn’t do any work on him because she said “Keep your money. You have been doing the right thing for him and there is nothing I could improve on.” Isn’t that cool?! Thank you, a million times!

Carolyn H.​


Thank you for providing such an excellent product that truly works!

My good friend recommended Docs OCD pellets upon hearing a 3 year old for sale horse I owned was discovered to have a chip in one hock during a vetting (September 2016). I felt I had the time to test the product out and immediately put him on the recommended amount to clear up OCD and followed this regimen for 4 months. At that point he went to get started (3 months) and I let him go off the pellets. I brought him home and did four day work weeks through summer/early Fall with intermittent joint supplementation. Then he sat not doing work over winter (and moving and buying raw land interrupted any chance of working until now, summer 2018). I decided to finally follow through to discover if Docs OCD pellets actually worked before getting him back into work by getting the hocks digitally x-rayed. SUCCESS! Holy moly his joints are beautifully clean! I very highly recommend anyone that has been told their horse has a chip in a joint to hold off on surgery (you’d have lay up anyway) and try these pellets! I’m immediately ordering these pellets for maintenance joint care. Thank you for providing such an excellent product that truly works!

Sabrina W.​, Strasburg, CO
USDF Gold, Silver, Bronze


I absolutely love the OCD Pellets!

I absolutely love the OCD Pellets! I have a mare that has pretty significant navicular symptoms. I was able to tell a difference within three days of her being on the product! It has allowed me to only revert to Previcox every once in awhile. I've retired her from barrel racing to become just a broodmare but I can almost promise that she will compete again, prayers answered. Thank you so much for such an amazing product! I will definitely be ordering again....

Chelsea C.​, Slaton, TX


No longer lame and is as spry as a much younger pony!

My 34-year-old Paint pony was suffering with arthritis in his right knee and was lame. The vet prescribed anti-inflammatory pills and a herbal powder. He continued to be lame to the point that we considered having to put him down. I went online searching for help and discovered OCD Pellets. Our pony had also started to lose weight and his ribs were beginning to show.

These are before and after pictures of my 34-year-old pony Sport that was lame before OCD pellets due to arthritis. After 3 months of the OCD pellets he has put his weight back on and is no longer lame and is as spry as a much younger pony! Thank you so much.

Aloma G. Hardison​, Wilmington, NC


Great supplement I highly recommend

I have a 2-year-old Rottweiler who is 123 pounds. He had a sudden onset lameness on his right front so I took him to a new vet who told me she was afraid of him. She did a poor physical exam never even watching my dog walk. She gave me a prescription for Deramaxx and that was that, no blood work or anything. I tried the prescription for about 1 week and he still limped so I stopped using it. Later, I was researching for a supplement that would help my yearling horse who had been on a very expensive supplement for Physitis. After 4 months, his knee looked the same and his energy was very low, even in turn out he barely walked around. I started the dog and horse both the same day. At day 21, I noticed my dog was not limping any longer and he has had subtle limp since September. I have tried Pet Thrive, Adequan, and CBD oils and nothing helped but this supplement has made a difference. The yearling now trots to the turn out every morning and I am hoping my older mare that has a bone bruise (diagnosed by MRI) will also benefit from the supplement. I am doing the suggested 2 scoops a day for my yearling and mare for 3 full months and I think it’s worth the cost.

Melody Aranguren​, Livermore, CA


Dramatic Improvements!

We have been using OCD Pellets for about 6 months and have seen dramatic improvements and have been using OCD on this mare for 3 months just as maintenance and prevention.

Maryellen Harper Absher
Flatonia, TX

Thank you for giving me my horse back!

I just wanted to let you know that we've had Rocky on the OCD pellets for about four months now, and it has been incredible for him! He's the soundest I've seen him in I don't know how long, and we've been able to keep him comfortable doing light flatwork and trails. He was living on previcox before, and has had it less than 5 times since he started the OCD pellets - usually only when the farrier comes. I'm so thrilled to have found this supplement - thank you for giving me my horse back!

Kim Reeves
New Franklin OH

OCD Pellets are helping tremendously!

I think the OCD Pellets are helping tremendously with my severely foundered Paint Mojo He is actually growing a new sole under his old that had abscessed and I mean from heel bulbs to toe of hoof. My mare Jessie was injured by a police vehicle when she was younger and developed arthritis in her knee barely able to bend her knee. Now she has more movement. Awesome product so far. Thank you.

Katherine Bragdon
Mobile, AL

Improvement that I could see and feel within 2 weeks!

Generally I am a nonbeliever in most supplements because I have tried so many different ones for my horse and have seen very little change, but this one showed me improvement that I could see and feel within 2 weeks. I am very impressed. Thank you.

​Roxie Hartwick
​Acampo, CA

Significant healing in under two months!

My 17 year old Appaloosa broke his right Tibial cleft. We took monthly x-rays and he just wasn't healing. We contacted a surgeon and scheduled a surgical procedure to screw it together. Our vet Dr. Matt Stahl wanted to try him on OCD to see if it would help and in under two months we had significant healing! Here is the proof...

​Adele Forsberg
​Brainerd, Minnesota

The results were miraculous!

My 12 year old Blue Roan, Quarter Horse gelding started coming up lame on a regular basis. My Vet did x-rays and found arthritis, bone spurs, and OCD. He injected both his stifles and his SI joint. "Blue" was able to return to work, fairly successfully for 5 months, but never regained a positive work ethic, was very slow to warm up, and could not be worked for long periods of time. Five months after the injections, he was more lame than before, could not be ridden, and could only walk slowly around his paddock. I began searching for an alternative answer, and stumbled across OCD, Dr. Beebe's product, which claimed to fix these issues. Hopeful, but slightly skeptical, I decided to try it, especially since they offered a money back guarantee and a free bucket of the product. I felt I had nothing to lose. In the beginning, I gave him the recommended dose of two scoops. The results were miraculous! Inside the first week, he was galloping around the paddock. Within a month, his trot was back to being extraordinary, with thrust from his powerful hindquarter. He became willing, happy, and very forward in his work.

​Ellie Murray
​Hallsville, TX

She is now, and will forever remain on OCD pellets!

I just wanted to send in a brief story of my girl "Faith" AQHA Love you this big. Faith was kicked in her hock a few months after she turned 2. She was misdiagnosed (we were told it was her stifle, to turn her out). When the issue wasn't getting any better, we took her to a different Veterinarian. He immediately told us it was not her stifle, but in fact her hock! After getting X rays on her hock, we discovered the hairline fracture there. Because she was misdiagnosed and we were told to put her out, when in fact she should have been stationary, she also developed a "hook" growth from the bottom bone of the joint. A friend recommended OCD pellets. I called and spoke with the vet there, and he gave me instructions on proper care, and adding OCD pellets to her diet. Within 30 days, the fracture X rayed clean! She still had the hook bone growth, but I was told to keep her on this supplement. We did, and 60 days later it was all but gone! No arthritis, nothing! Now, Faith is going to turn 5 in 2016, and is not only sound, but gearing up for her first added money barrel race! She is now, and will forever remain on OCD pellets! As will every other horse in my barn!

​Cassie Carden
​Chunchula, AL

Exceeded my expectations!

The OCD Pellets absolutely have exceeded my expectations. The shipping was very timely and ordering was a breeze. Thanks for the opportunity to give feedback.

​Steve Hall, Salem, Arkansas​


Thank you, OCD pellets, for giving this colt a good start on life.

I have been recommended to use the OCD pellets on a colt we had with growth issues. He was buckling at the knees and could NOT lock in. A friend gave us a tub she was not using. The results were dramatic!! He went to his first show a new colt, and won his class under both judges and went Grand Champion Stallion under both judges. the results were just phenomenal. Thank you, OCD pellets, for giving this colt a good start on life. I can't thank you enough!!

Bennie Lynn Clawson
​Mc Connells, SC

I just wanted to say thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you. I rescued my ex racehorse on his way to slaughter and picked him up at a gas station. He was underweight and covered in rain rot with his racing plates still on his front feet. After rehabbing he went on to begin retraining. About a year later a horse at the boarding facility spiked a fever and passed away. A day later Aspen Spiked a fever. For fear of a contagious deadly outbreak he was quarantined and treated with general antibiotics as veterinary tests turned up nothing. He made a full recovery from the mystery illness and went on to compete successfully in hunters.

After returning from college where Aspen helped start the equestrian program he led an easy life. One afternoon when going to bring him in from the field I immediately noticed his hock swollen to the size of a melon. Fear stricken, the vet performed xrays and ultrasound and confirmed the worst. Part of the joint had shattered. They recommended euthanasia as the surgery was too expensive for us. I shared his story and the community donated along with Midwest TBs racing affiliate. Aspen was sent to new Bolton and Dr. Richardson removed the many shattered pieces. Upon post surgery release he was placed on OCD Pellets while at a rehab facility.

Two years later he is being brought back to work and should have little limitations. His hock looks like nothing ever happened. While I was unable to afford to continue giving him OCD Pellets, I contribute his healing so well from the help of your product. Thank you for helping my horse run again!

Casey Lynn
​Royersford, PA

It is worth every penny!

I can not express how greatful I am for this product. It is worth every penny and I've passed on my success to multiple people who also continue to use it.

My thoroughbred mare suffered from an articular wing fracture in her coffin bone in March 2013. The fracture was so bad, it was to the joint line and she was completely lame and non weight bearing. She began training for the racetrack as a two year old and this unfortunate injury occured while she was at home and had not trained in nearly two months.

My vet xrayed her when it happened and assured me she would never race and at most would be a pleasure horse with light riding. I immediately placed her on the OCD pellets twice a day, as recommended by my vet, Dr. Scott Shell.

He took the second xrays in November, 2013 and was beyond shocked at how well her coffin bone healed. There's absolutely no sign of the fracture. He advised me to begin lightly training her to see if she could sustain any impact.... Well she's made a full recovery and ran her first race December, 2014. She's still young; but because of this remarkable product, she will be able to perform and race. Thank you for this great product!

Carly Hamel and Legion of Dreams
Brownstown, Michigan

OCD pellets have improved my horses' performance.

Hi, my order was perfect, actually I need more ordered! I have two horses with stifle and fetlock OCSs that are non-surgical. The first is my five year old gelding Appaloosa. The vets gave him a slim chance of staying sound due to a cyst in the fetlock. So I have had him on this for a month and he is actually doing better than 30 days ago. Second is my yearling gelding (pictured when hewas a baby). He has OCD chips in both stifles and in December I was told maybe we can give him stall rest but can't remove ocds surgically. So they said sit and wait. I put him on OCD Pellets and Progressive Feeds and in 30 days re x-rayed. No signs of OCDs, still sore but better. Vet said keep doing what you are doing. Will re x-ray in 60 days. So with this product in the last month I have seen it improve my horses' performance.

I recently got a rehab horse with some severe tendon damage, with a cast on. I put the horse on the pellets asap, and is doing amazing! I have to say nutrition and these pellets have worked for me.

Rachel Weckel
Forrest Weckel Show Horses
SaintJoseph, IL

Thank you so much for this product!

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found this product! Of course I was hesitant at first since neither my vet or I had used it before, but after asking a close friend and reading multiple testimonials along with getting a buy one get one free (since I'm a first time customer) I figured why not!

I recently rescued a seven yr old thoroughbred in Dec. 2013 knowing nothing of his history. He was left at the track with a big ankle and the sweetest face. I brought him home had him x-rayed and he had a recent fracture of his P1 although the exact date was unknown he last raced in Sept 2013.

His x-rays were done in January and I started him on the OCD about a week later. I did a lot of research before buying a supplement and OCD pellets seemed like the best deal for my money. He was x-rayed again about 4 weeks after starting the supplement and my vet was beyond happy with his results. Not only was his fracture healing incredibly well, his joint surface in his ankle looked better and his overall bone structure improved! He's approved to start slow work and should make a complete recovery with no limitations! I included pictures of his xrays they alternate before and now photos... enjoy!!! Thank you so much for this product!!!

Kelly Felicijan and Los Caobos
Rock Creek, OH

This product is amazing.

I just want to put out a plug for those breeders, trainers etc. This product is amazing. I have always used it for cracked shins, bucked shins, and bony tissue with my thoroughbreds. I began breeding sport horse crosses about six years ago and continued to use the OCD pellets on them as well.

When my warmblood colt of 2013 developed epiphysitis prior to being weaned I asked the warmblood breeders group what they used. Rejuvinade was recommended. I ran through two quarts of that with little to no results. Then I switched him to the OCD pellets I was feeding my TB weanling. Within two weeks 90% of the epiphysitis was resolved. Now 4 weeks into feeding the OCD pellets once a day it is totally resolved. This stuff works wonders. (PS the TB colt never developed epiphysitis as he was on OCD pellets from weaning.)

In all my years of breeding, I have placed the babies on OCD pellets from the time they are weaned. With that program I have never had one of my babies that showed any OCD on x-ray exams. I will never try another product again!

Robyn Coblyn
Clarksburg, MD

I KNOW this product really works.

I have had several cases where it's clear to me that OCD Pellets made a huge difference. In one case, a friend had a 9 mos old filly sired by my stallion. The filly became very lame in the hind and actually could not get up without assistance. X-rays revealed a massive bone cyst in her stifle. My friend really could not afford surgery, and the filly's future as an endurance horse looked to be over before it even started. I recommended OCD Pellets to her. She called and spoke to Dr. Beebee at length. After starting the filly on 2ozs. daily of the Pellets, in only 10 days the filly was walking sound again and getting up & down without a problem! The filly was kept on OCD Pellets for an entire year. Although she was never re-x-rayed, she remained sound and now, as a 4 year old, she happily carries her rider over all sorts of trails and the owner has said "she never puts a foot wrong!"

In the second case, I had a warmblood filly who was born w/several limb issues. My local vet said she was "the worst I've seen this year." I hauled her to a leg specialist, who stated "I am 90% sure this filly will not straighten without extensive surgery." And he ordered total stall rest. Instead, I took the filly home and started the dam on a double dose of OCD Pellets (couldn't figure out how to get a 3 wk. old foal to eat them) and strictly monitored their turn-out. By the time the foal was 3 mos old, she had been on 24 hr turn-out for over a month and her legs had almost completely straightened! Now, as a 4 yr. old, there is no sign whatsoever of any conformational defect in any of her limbs and she has stayed completely sound through all her training. AND she looked good enough to win the Mare Championship at a large show, beating several older, highly decorated mares under one of the top judges in the country.

Honestly, I am leery of touting almost all of the equine supplements out there and think most of them are worthless. OCD Pellets is the ONE product I truly believe works and is well-worth the cost. GREAT product!

Katrina O'Neal
Reckless Heart Ranch
Priest River, ID

Just wanted to tell you how much I love your product.

Ecko is walking almost without a limp I started both of my horses on it, a colt who had a hairline fracture and my young barrel horse. The colt is now healed and back in training after 60 days. I truly believe your product helped him. And as for my barrel horse, he is firing and running so hard now we are having to slow down and get our timing in sync.

I think you offer a great product. The 2 for 1 really catches people attention, it takes only a few weeks to see how amazing the product is and then they are hooked! My horses will definitely stay on OCD Pellets.

Jenet Mraz
Las Vegas, NV

Amazing results!

Ecko is walking almost without a limp At the beginning of this year I ordered your OCD product for a weanling that had OCD problems unfortunately he passed from complications.
I have an 18 year old eventer that last year was on adequan injections. We were actually thinking of retiring him. I had your product and read that it was also good for horses with arthritic conditions so I used it on him.
Amazing results! He is back to feeling like a 6 yr old! No need for any other support he has been getting better and better. No injections this year and financially well worth it! If I hadn't of had the pellets with no purpose I would never have tried them but I can tell you I'm so glad I did . I highly recommend them to all my eventing friends. Your product is amazing. Thank you all!

Sue Robshaw

I am a firm believer in OCD Pellets

Ecko is walking almost without a limpAt 5 weeks old, my now 2 year old filly, Lacy, fractured her pastern and had plates and screws inserted. She has been on OCD Pellets for about 1 ½ years and is doing wonderfully - totally sound. I am a firm believer in OCD Pellets, as well as COS Pellets for my dogs and Flex Force for myself. I have seen dramatic results and am very happy with Doc’s Products. I would recommend it to everyone!

Debra Shehadi
Cynthiana, KY

The swelling is almost completely gone

Ecko is walking almost without a limpMy 3 YO TB filly was wide open at the knees. I was giving her MSM and Glucosamine. About two months ago I was told OCD Pellets would work better, so I took advantage of the buy one get one free 4lb tub. I can tell you that the swelling is almost completely gone! It is the only supplement I have used that actually works. Thank You!

After being on OCD pellets for six months her knees have closed. We are keeping her on a maintenance dose of 1 OZ a day.

Tod Adamson
Boyce, VA

Off the Track Thoroughbred with Apical Sesamoid Fracture

Off the Track Thoroughbred with Apical Sesamoid FractureI took in a 6 yo OTTB gelding as a rescue. He was a body score of a 2. After about 5 months of getting him healthy again, he was ready to begin light work. I noticed a reduced range of motion in the right front fetlock while stretching him and had x-rays taken. Films revealed an apical sesamoid fracture, somewhere between 6 and 12 months old. Because of his poor care, no surgery or treatment was done. By some grace, he had not totally broken down, and while there was some slight unevenness at times, he was basically sound. My vet suggested OCD Pellets. I placed my order immediately, got the pellets in 2 days and began him on the 2 oz dose that day. On his next ride, 6 days later, I was in total awe of what I saw. He was like a new horse! Forward, happy, really digging in and driving forward all on his own and NO unevenness what-so-ever. He just radiated an "I feel good" vibe all around. I called the company to say "Is this possible in only 6 days?!" and was fortunate enough to speak with Dr. Beebe directly. Thank you Dr. Beebe not only for a great product but for personally taking your time to discuss the specific details of my situation with me and for taking an interest in my horse! I can't wait to see what OCD Pellets can do for my horse long term!!

Andrea McGee
Midland, NC

The vet was wrong.

The vet was wrong.I had to lay off using the OCD Pellets about a month and a half. Meanwhile, the vet told my trainer I was wasting my money. Well, this week my two older geldings started with inflamed legs and hocks while off the OCD Pellets. They are 10 and 14 years old. So I guess the vet was wrong! Thank you!

Linda Wollebak
Cypress, TX

OCD pellets are really helping!

Ecko is walking almost without a limpMy horse diagnosed with "bone bruising" at the end of cannon bone. He was really in distress after training but, after 30 days, he is back to regular training and feeling GOOD! Thanks for a great product. I'm switching my stable to this for joint supplement!

Marcia Wolfe
Palmyra, PA

Ecko is walking almost without a limp

Ecko is walking almost without a limpTwin Colts born on May 13, 2012.... One became very lame and on November 5, 2012 we took him to Cornell University - severe OCD lesion in his front left shoulder, they advised us to put him down - on the spot.. Nothing they can do.

Desperately I searched the internet and every search I did, OCD Pellets came up... I called and actually talked to Dr. Beebe.

Both of my colts are on this now and Ecko is walking almost without a limp. We pray every day this is our miracle cure for him... I will keep you posted.

Lori Cole
Cyclone, PA


Our 2-year-old thoroughbred had OCD lesions on his stifle joints

Old - Miniature PinscherAs you know, our 2-year-old thoroughbred had OCD lesions on his stifle joints removed last November 2011. We were told not to put him back into training for 6-8 months. In July, our vet x-rayed him and said that the surgery done at LSU by Dr. Burba seems to be a complete success! No signs of the lesions remain and he looks strong and healthy. He is to go to a local training center next week to start his early training for racing. We hope to have him ready to race early next year, 2013. Our vet has suggested that we keep Fitz Perfectly on the OCD Pellets at least through his 3-year-old year (2013) as he believes they have definitely helped him to recover so well. I will continue to order and take them to the training center for him.

Linda Byrne
Folsom, LA

ALL my horses are on this!

ALL my horses are on this! Ever since my mare, who got hurt in a race in 2010, had a large chip removed and the vet swore to me that we would be lucky to ever walk properly again. Well, she healed so well that they couldn't tell where the chip was and she was running and moving again as good as new. She's now a momma and we have kept her on it. So of course, our baby has had the benefits. He came out straight and true and we feel this helped.

Terri Crookham

My German Riding Pony filly had an OCD cyst in her stifle

Two years ago I learned that my German Riding Pony filly had an OCD cyst in her stifle. We tried injections, rest, etc. but we could not get her sound. The vet clinic told me to retire her – at 4 years of age. I went to several top clinics – no option for surgery because with the location of the cyst it would never heal. We decided to do OCD, laser injections, and rest. It has been a long haul but the cyst has remodeled with no trace of it. I’m left with a flat spot on the stifle joint and we are hoping the mare will come back sound for driving and dressage. Although she is still at 1% lameness the vet feels with a slow conditioning program and careful management she’ll gain some muscle tone and be sound. This is the most hope I’ve had in 2 years. Thank you for your help.

Gayle Heiring
Mundelein, IL

OCD pellets have made Flyer a sound horse again

joint stiffnessMy Morgan mare, Flyer, was severely injured as a two year old when she was chased over a six foot fence by a stray dog. The long term impact of her injuries were not discovered until we began her driving training as a four year old. (She has never been used for riding.) Although a willing student, she had a lot of behavioral issues that we finally connected back to the accident two years earlier. Thus started a long journey of healing. Flyer's behavioral issues slowly disappeared as she made tremendous progress throughout her body by applying the Masterson Method of body work and subsequent chiropractic sessions with Dr. Trish Sheil. Sadly though, she still had times when she was "off" or slightly lame. So, we had a new set of x-rays taken of her hocks and stifles but they didn't show us anything definite. A "possible" lesion in her right stifle was identified though and it was thought it might tie back to the accident. Several veterinarians suggested I inject her stifle and keep using her. I really didn't want to do this. Flyer has a big heart and never refuses a request in harness but I could see that she was hurting when she was driven. I quit driving her last July and had resolved myself to just loving her as a pasture pet.

Flyer's breeder, also a veterinarian, discovered Dr. Beebe's OCD product and talked at length with him at a conference. She suggested I try it. We started a double dose of the OCD pellets as recommended for the first 90 days and then went to a single dose. It's been four months and I've got to say, my beloved mare, who is now eight years old, is a different horse. She has been driven several times recently and so far, so good. No lameness, no "offness". Her tail is loose and relaxed which is a rare thing for her since the accident six years ago. She feels great and flies around the pasture at that beautiful speedy trot she was named for. I credit all the body work we did initially for getting Flyer as far as we did. But it was the OCD pellets that have brought us full circle and made her a sound horse again. I had all but given up.

I have had horses for 50 years and have had some really good ones. But there's something about this mare that is so deep and so spiritual, I can't explain it. She is my all-time favorite and I simply adore her. My heart has been aching for her for so long and to finally see her feeling so good, well, it's a miracle. It really is. I am looking forward to many years of happy trials with her thanks to this creation of Dr. Beebe's.

Glenda Farrier
Atlantic, Iowa, 04/23/2012

Lameness in all four legs

joint stiffness In November of last year, after developing lameness in all four legs, my 18 month old Gypsy Vanner gelding was diagnosed with OCD. Anthem is my first horse and I was heartbroken. The general consensus from everyone was that I had fed him incorrectly, worked him too hard, etc. and even though I had followed his breeder's instruction and advice to a T, I still had a massive amount of guilt and worried that I had caused it. The vet changed his diet and advised total rest for 6 months to a year. In my desperation to right the wrong that I had done, I came across your OCD pellets. I asked my vet what he thought and even though he replied with total skepticism "well, it couldn't hurt", I immediately placed an order. I'm very happy to report that in just three months the bone lesions in his knees are steadily becoming more dense and the vet was amazed at how quickly we were seeing a difference. Anthem's now allowed 2 hours a day out with the other horses and he is beginning to run and play with no sign of lameness. I'll continue to keep him on rest for as long as it takes but I'm confident that he will be fit before too much longer and ultimately we'll both be learning to drive as soon as he's old enough. Thank you for this product! I wouldn't have minded having Anthem as a pasture ornament if it ended up that way but we're sure happier this way!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Laurie MacDuffie
Carrollton, GA, 03/21/2012

Filly with ephiphysitis.

joint stiffness When my filly was diagnosed with ephiphysitis at 2 1/2 months old in her fetlocks then again a couple months later in her knee I knew I needed to do something different. The vet told me her knots will never go down and she would have to grow into them. So I decided to try OCD pellets. Now a month later all her knots are gone and her joints all look normal again. We have a 30 year old mare who has also been on these pellets and she is walking so much better. These pellets have helped her in a lot of other ways too. I am very impressed with OCD pellets. Thank you for offering such a great product.
Best Regards,

Brittany Hindes
Fremont, CA 3/13/2012

joint stiffness

Stallion is back racing!

Our stallion has been back racing for two years without further incidents of fractures. We credit it 100% to OCD pellets. I have convinced many people the wonderful benefits of your product. I have all three of our horses on it, one being our broodmare who just recently had a colt. Having her on the pellets now will help her with some of her joint discomfort as she is 17 now.
Thank you,

Pamela & Kenneth Leonard, JustUs Thoroughbred Racing
Strongsville, OH, 44136 3/14/2012

Made an amazing difference!

These products have made an amazing difference in both my young horse and my French Bulldogs. Thank you so much !!

Robin Vaughn-Strait, Sunbury, Ohio

Thank you for fast shipping!

Just want to say Thank you for shipping your product OCD so quickly. My sister ordered it for me only three days ago and it already arrived. After a friend recommended your product and I read the testimonials. I have hope that my six year old paint can again lead a normal life. Thank you again!!

Lorie Pregler

Thank you so much!

My boy, Valentinos Gold, who fractured his right front in June of 2010 has made it back to the races. Thanks in part to your product, careful handling, and patience. We did not operate and his x-rays are 100% clear! We used OCD pellets for his entire journey back and continue to use it as a normal part of his training program. He most recently placed a nice 2nd in a maiden $40,000 at Parx. Not bad - after 15 months on the shelf! Look for him next time!!!

John T. Kelsey, Long Branch, NJ 11/16/2011

joint stiffness

100% Success

Thank you, Dr. Beebe, for a product that has made my breeding program a 100% success. Since we have used this product on our racehorses and show paint horses, NOT ONE have failed a vet lameness exam!!! Not to mention it has cleared problems on the horses we have purchased from the outside world! I don't know what I would do without these pellets :) Thank you so much for always being there to answer questions.

Vicki VanHorn, Shallow Creek Farm, LLC
Home of Multiple World Champions (because of you!)
Lexington, OK 10/06/2011

joint stiffness

Dramatic Difference

As owner and operations manager of a Thoroughbred race horse breeding farm, I have followed OCD Pellets Equine since the beginning and heartily endorse their use in both our own horses and those of our clients. I have seen them make a dramatic difference in young, growing horses that have joint and ODD issues.

Deb Hilger, Bleu Valley Farm Stillwater, MN 09/12/2011

LOVE This Product!

LOVE this product! I have a 2 year old colt that is already 16hh+. His tendons were not able to keep up with how fast he was growing and it was causing his fetlock to pop forward. Between good shoeing and OCD, it has saved him from needing surgery, or possibly even being put down. Thank you so much! I recommend this product to anyone! It helps with more than just bone faults!

Gena Robertson, Black Forest, CO 9/8/2011

Rocks in the Hocks

I purchased a TB yearling filly at the Carter Sale here in Oklahoma. Pre purchase x-rays showed she had Grade 1 in one hock and Grade 3 in the other. Rocks is more like it. After 90 days of feeding her this product, she was re x-rayed. 0-Grade in one hock and went from Grade 3 down to Grade 1 in the other. She was resold for a great amount of money and went to win her 2 yr old races. FABULOUS STUFF!!

Vicki VanHorn, Lexington, OK 8/1/2011

Fractured wing of his coffin bone

You recommended OCD Pellets for my horse who fractured the wing of his coffin bone. I wanted to say thank you again. He’s been on the pellets for a few months now and he’s doing great. They have really made a difference and I’m so happy to have met you ....otherwise he might still be on stall rest.

Karen Pollock, Mississauga, CA 1/21/2011

Healing faster than expected!

"I just found out that we are out of the pellets, and the lay-up manager also told me that all the broken bones seem to be healing faster than expected! We want to keep the progress going. I'm very excited to see these results so quickly!" Thank you!

Bonnie Adams, President TROTT USA, Carmel, CA, 1/20/2011

Severe Joint Infection

I love your product. It has helped my 10-yr-old APHA who had a severe joint infection. The infection wasn't properly treated and ultimately caused wind puffs in his rear left fetlock. Since using OCD Pellets, the swelling has significantly reduced and the puffiness is now barely noticeable! I have also had my 3-yr-old Desert Norman Sporthorse on it as well, to help his development. I will never use any other supplement! Thank you!

Donna Pinard, Manchester, NH 11/24/2010

Fractured Canon Bone

Last spring my Thoroughbred mare "Concerto's Ezwinner" came home from the track with a cannon bone fracture and it was suggested that she be operated on, and screws put in. However, I remembered what my previous vet Dr. Broadbent told me about a horse I had a few years ago with a similar fracture. He said I could put some screws in, or I could start her on OCD Pellets and slowly jog her on pavement to stimulate healing, so I opted to try that. After 6 weeks, my current vet x-rayed the mare and said, "Whatever you are doing keep it up, she is almost healed". After one more month on the OCD Pellets, the x-rays came back and she was totally healed. She is back at the track, has won three races, and shows no signs of any problem. Needless to say, I have all my racehorses on OCD pellets and will keep them on as a preventative. Thanks for creating such a marvelous product!

Marvin Saurbier - Hidden Valley Farm Citra, FL, 11/18/2010

OCD Pellets Saved His Life

On September 1st, I was told to put my barrel/pole horse down by a vet in College Station, TX following a trailer accident that occurred on May 22, 2010. I just could not bring myself to do it that day so I brought him home to give myself a few more days for the idea to sink in so that I could have closure. That night after arriving home, I checked my mail box and found my subscription to Barrel Horse News magazine in the mail. I sat on the couch crying as I flipped through the pages. Then I came across your advertisement. I looked it up on the internet and read about it. I was grasping at straws and desperate for anything. I spoke to my vet and he was sceptical about it. I said to myself what do I have to lose at this point??? I ordered your product and started it immediately.

It has been exactly 4 weeks. I took him back to the vet yesterday at Texas A&M University for a re-evaluation (as his insurance will expire on Friday). The vet was amazed at how well he was doing. He was actually walking on all 4 legs and had gained several hundred pounds. The x-rays showed no secondary issues, such as arthritis, etc. He was very alert and responsive, and pranced around like a young colt full of life. Then the vet ask me....What did you give him? I proudly told him OCD Pellets!!!! Needless to say... OCD PELLETS SAVED HIS LIFE!!! He still is not 100% sound, but has made more progress in the last four weeks than he has in the 4 months prior. Thank you Dr.Beebe!!

Laura Druly, Cleveland, TX, 10/14/2010

So Glad for Your Product!

I am so glad I found your product. My horse Velvet is doing tremendous since we started using it and has not had a lame day in 2 months. She runs and bucks and is just feeling like a horse again due to the OCD pellets, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Julie Stiles, Plover, WI

Broken Sesamoid Bone and  Suspensory Damage

We used the product on a 2 year old thoroughbred gelding with a broken sesamoid bone and  some suspensory damage.  However, he was never lame.  We put him on your pellets and stall rest for 1 month, then outside after that during the day.  The horse went back to the track in late May, after we had him re-x-rayed.  The vet was astonished at how well he had progressed.  He is in training and has not shown any signs of lameness (so far).  He may get to race yet this year.  

Ilene Goldbeck, Bowde, AB, Canada

Fractured Coffin Bone

I bought a great bred QH filly. She came to NY from Iowa. I had her in a big field with my three other young horses and they ran a lot. She loves to run this little filly. Well I went to feed her one day and she was 3 legged. She could not put her foot down at all. Vet took x-rays and found a broken coffin bone, right to the joint. Well I thought her barrel racing days were over before they even started. I read about all kinds of supplements to give her saw the ad for OCD pellets and thought I would give it a try. I had tried everything else before and they did not work as good as they were advertised. Well I started her on OCD pellets, and after about 2 months I saw an improvement in Ally's movement. The vet took x-rays and said she could not believe how it was healing well. Its now almost a year later and the next xray is in 5 days. Hopefully I can start riding her again. Each month the x-ray was better and better. I do believe its from the OCD pellets. Thats the only thing I put her on after the broken coffin bone. Thank you so much!

Bone infection in the epiphyseal plate of knee

I wanted to share an amazing testimonial about the OCD Pellet Product. I have been using OCD for about four months after my then eight month old American Warmblood weanling had been diagnosed with a fairly uncommon bone infection in the epiphyseal plate of her knee. Upon desperately researching the internet looking for possible supplements to aid with her condition, I discovered OCD. In conjunction with antibiotics to clear up her infection, stall rest, proper nutrition (including feeding OCD supplement twice daily), sixteen weeks have now passed and my vet just came out to do follow-up x-rays. It appears that the joint will not be compromised and we are expected to have a positive outlook on the soundness of the joint. I feel as though I can attribute this to the OCD product! With a medical condition where euthanasia seemed to have been the only option initially, I am indebted to the formula in the OCD pellets. I am convinced that fed in conjunction with my veterinarian's treatment protocol, this product has aided me in having the strong, healthy, yearling filly that I have today.

Thank you very much -- I am a forever fan and will continue to use this product with my current horse and any others I will have in my training program.

Ashley Winchester, Tampa, FL
[email protected]

"Star" Shining Again!

Dear Dr. Beebe,

About 6 years ago my mare had an accident. Another mare bit her on her hind end and "Star" jumped a 4 ft high fence. She made it over with her front legs but her hind legs got hung up on the fence. Since then she has suffered with severe stiffness in her hips.

I have tried so many different products endorsed by many natural horsemanship clinicians without seeing much improvement. My father saw an advertisement for your OCD Pellets™ and decided we would give them a try.

After the first container of your pellets I noted a marked difference in Star's movement. She is moving without pain. I know the damage has been done and I realize that she will never again move like she did before the accident, however she is now able to be ridden, she is happy, and if I didn't see it myself I never would have believed that your pellets would make such a significant difference for my mare.

Thanks so much for your wonderful product. I would recommend your product to everyone!

Lynn Stevenson, Clark Summit, PA, 11/30/09
[email protected]

Thanks Dr. Beebe & Sylvie!

Just received my order today, so quickly! I anticipate and look forward to great results from this product. I will be in contact with you when I see the first improvements in my horse.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the time both of you took with me on the phone to address all my concerns about my horse and your product. Knowing how busy you are, I was so impressed with the patience you had with all my questions, not only about the product but the best nutrition and care for my horse.

The excellent customer service was above and beyond what most companies provide, but getting the personal treatment I received from Dr. Beebe was such a bonus. I appreciate you both so much. Thanks again for your help and a product that addresses OCD.

Green Creek Ranch, Stephenville, Texas, 11/11/09

"Legs" On Three Legs

On Memorial Day 2009, my thoroughbred stallion, "Legs", was kicked by the neighbor's donkey. He developed a staph infection, which was treated immediately by vigorous joint lavage and antibiotics. The vet thought everything was fine. A month later, my stallion was on three legs again, and this time x-rays revealed a bone chip. He was taken in for surgery, and they pulled 16 pieces of bone from his hock. I finally called Dr. Beebe and got Legs on OCD immediately, and I cannot tell you how fast I got a huge improvement!!! They had told me it would be unlikely that I could ride Legs again, but at this rate, I see no reason why I won't be able to. I will let Dr. Beebe be the final decision maker!!! Once again Doc, thank you for all of your and Sylvie's help and support!!!

Jill Bowman, 10/13/09

OCD's and Chips Down 39% in Yearlings

When your farm is in Georgia and you're trying to breed and raise Thoroughbred race horses, it's not even like Hertz and Avis. It's more like Hertz and Budget! We have to try really, really hard to compete with Kentucky farms in producing world class yearlings headed for the sales. But hard work pays off - we bred three of the runners on the 2008 Breeders' Cup Day which saw Forever Together win the Turf Mare race and go on the win the Eclipse Award.

Sale yearlings must have clean X-rays, and we've had to spend a lot of money over the years shipping horses back and forth to KY for surgeries to clean up OCD's and chips. Last year I decided to "bite the bullet" on cost and try all our foals on OCD Pellets from the day they hit Georgia with their dams. I calculated that I could save enough money on the van and surgery charges for just one horse to pay for OCD Pellets for all 12 of my yearlings.

Well, the gamble worked. I spent the big bucks for a LOT of OCD Pellets, but I saw my percentage of problems go from 56% down to 17%. That is a major improvement in anybody's book. There's no telling how much better our horses are going to run now with this kind of head start!

Karen White, White Fox Farm, Winder, GA 5/19/09

Fractured Knee

My daughter's eight year old off-the-track thoroughbred (turned hunter-jumper) sustained a fracture to one of the bones in his knee. The x-ray showed that the bone had a cyst (hole) in the center, out of which the fracture radiated upward. It looked like an upside down lollipop. The vet prescribed the 2 scoop treatment dosage of OCD, stall rest, and minimal hand walking for 6 months. At re-check, the x-ray showed nothing more than a slight shadow where the cyst had been. Not only did the fracture heal, but the cyst which was there since birth was filling in! It is also interesting to note that the x-rays showed an old healed slab fracture which had calcified and appeared as a white line on the x-ray. The x-ray of the recently healed fracture looks like a bone that was never even broken. I am going to continue to keep this horse on OCD. Thanks so much!

Chris Offutt, Lock Haven, PA - April, 2009

Foal With Lame Hocks

I had a foal born at a farm in New Mexico which had an outbreak of Rotovirus and the foal struggled to survive for two months with the disease. The result of the illness was that her hocks became very badly infected and swollen. She survived, but if she exerted any effort she would be lame in her hocks. I put her on OCD Pellets™ to see if this could have any therapeutic effect. Four months later, her hocks have reduced in size to about one-quarter of their previous size and she now is running freely in the pasture without becoming lame. I haven't done anything new except feeding the OCD Pellets™, so I am pretty sure this is the cause of the improvement. I am also now feeding OCD Pellets™ to all of my yearlings.

Brice Carlson, Seattle, WA 5/11/2009

That Was Fast!

I just wanted to thank both Sylvie and Dr. Beebe for being so very helpful on the phone with me. My order arrived so fast! 2 days! It was so reassuring to speak with an actual Vet about my horse's condition. I will definitely keep in touch about how he progresses. I have a good feeling about OCD Pellets™! I am extremely hopeful that finally there is an answer for my baby boy, Rusty!

Heather & Rusty Ryan, Monkton, MD 5/6/2009

Thoroughbred Cannon Bone Fracture

Our precious thoroughbred fractured his cannon bone last April. He went through electrical stimulation treatment, stall rest and the bone was healing, but slowly. We began using OCD Pellets™ and within a few months, our vet was shocked at the degree of healing! The fracture is very long and near the joint and they didn't believe it would heal completely. The last x-ray shows dramatic changes and all signs point to a complete resolution of the fracture. Woo hoo!

We now give OCD Pellets™ to all our horses and have seen dramatic improvement. Thanks for a wonderful product!!

Susan Cook, Collinsville, Illinois, 04/25/2009

Colt with Bilateral OCD

In mid-December, my 6-month-old colt was diagnosed with bilateral OCD in his stifles. The vets wanted to operate as soon as they could, so he went in on the 5th of January to be operated on the following day. After the operation, I was called by the vet who was concerned at the "significant cartilage disruption" they had found. My colt was bought to compete, but I was told that it was not very likely this would happen and to think of him as a "happy hack". I was given a strict program to follow - 6 weeks box rest with IRAP treatment, 2 weeks walking in-hand and 8 weeks paddock rest (10m x 10m).

In March, I ordered OCD Pellets™. After doing hours of searching on the internet looking for my miracle cure, what did I have to lose? Our delivery arrived mid-March and I started to feed it straight away. On the 9th of April we went back to the vet for scans to see how things were going. The vet was impressed with my colt as soon as he was trotted up and he was surprised to see "how even he was behind". The scans were amazing and showed a significant amount of cartilage regrowth which, again, surprised the vet. You could tell that my vet did not expect to see such a level of improvement in this colt in the 3 months since his operation just by the surprise in his voice and the look on his face.

My colt went into the field yesterday for the first time in 5 months. It was a joy to see him running around bucking and trying to get the others to play with him. From the very poor prognosis I was given when his OCD was first diagnosed, I am certain that feeding him OCD Pellets™ has brought on this improvement. Now I am hopeful that he will continue to improve and who knows - maybe he will be able to fulfill a competitive life!

Nikki, West Yorkshire, England, 04/14/2009

Barrel Horse on OCD Pellets

I started my Barrel Horse on OCD Pellets in September of 08 as a joint supplement. I was skeptical since I had tried other joint supplements and results were not enough to keep investing the money to buy them. My vet does not believe in joint supplements that go in the feed and had me use injectable glucosamine and hyaluronic acid. This worked, but my horse soon grew to hate the shots. So after talking to Dr. Beebe, I ordered the OCD Pellets. She is a rodeo horse so she is asked to run hard sometimes...2 to 3 times a week. The trailer and runs take a toll on the joints and my vet suggested injecting every 3 months since she was being hauled hard. It has been 6 months and no injections since starting the OCD Pellets. The OCD Pellets are the only supplement that she is getting so I am convinced that they are extending the time between injections.

Emma Haynes, Fort Worth, Texas, 02/26/2009

Mare Produces First OCD-Free Foal

My hanoverian mare produced 6 beautiful foals. Six out of six had OCD. As a breeder, I found this disturbing because none of my other broodmare's foals ever had OCD, except one who was stalled with his mother at a clinic for a long time and was allowed free access to his mother's food... a clear case of over-feeding in that case. Arthroscopic surgery was performed on each of the 6 + 1 foals and was highly successful in every case - but expensive. I found Dr. Beebe's website and decided to try his pellets In addition to the pellets, I again, made sure the foals did not consume their mother's grain and this time fed that same mare OCD pellets. My broodmare produced, for the first time, an OCD-free foal. This year, I am giving the OCD pellets to a recipient-mare on whom I do not had any OCD information ---- as a precaution. I am a believer.

Marilyn Fawley, Lusby, MD, 1/11/2009 - http://www.marideehanoverians.com/

Fractured Pelvis

I have been using your product as part of my supplement recipe for my young preservation bred Egyptian Arabian colt since the end of November when he came home from the vet's after fracturing his pelvis in a fall. He was completely non weight supporting on the left hind leg.

This is my dream horse... one that, as a single mother, I had never dreamed I would ever be able to afford. I was devastated to find out that I might lose him. Hell, devastated is probably the understatement of the year. I was a wreck! The first vet wanted to put him down. The second one adopted a "wait and see" attitude, but warmed me he'd had a warmblood filly in the week before exhibiting many of the same symptoms... and she hadn't made it.

I spent many sleepless nights researching the prognosis on pelvic fractures and desperately trying to find something to help my boy. Going by research and gut instinct, I finally settled on a combination of supplements including OCD pellets, weanling feed, flax, and elk velvet.

My boy walked, and by "walked" I mean picked up one foot, set it down, and picked up the other foot, fully weight supporting on both, three weeks to the day after the fracture... two weeks after I started him on my program of supplements.

Now, less than 2 1/2 months after the fracture, he has graduated to hand walks, is sleeping on the bad side, and has even fallen down once without re-injuring himself. He is scratching his belly, trying to run in his stall, and trying to rear.

I get to keep this horse of my dreams and my heart.

I firmly believe that OCD pellets did play a role in the speed of his recovery... so much so that I've actually given a pail out of my last shipment to the owners of the barn I'm boarding at in the belief it will help their senior stallion with a bone issue he has developed.

Angella Russell, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 1/26/2009

Fractured P1 and the supporting ligament torn

My field hunter, Georgia, had an accident in her pasture. She had a fractured P1 and the supporting ligament torn. She was on stall rest for some time and then allowed out in a small paddock and eventually turned out to graze, but brought in each evening. Some days she seemed better, but the "gimp" always came back. I started her a couple of months later on OCD pellets. Her career as a field hunter was over and it didn't look like she would ever be ridden again at all. The vet told us that she would be a good broodmare as the foal she had thrown was outstanding. We again shipped to Virginia to be bred to a wonderful stallion standing in Middleburg. We spent a month in Middleburg in June. I watched her with the other mares and she seemed much better. I decided to have a new set of radiographs done by a Virginia vet. He said that she had healed beautifully! I believe that the OCD is responsible for her excellent recovery! She has developed some ring bone, so hard hunting is out, but she will be able to be a happy and useful hack!

Amanda Clingan - Willowalk Farm

Quarter horse gelding had arthroscopic surgery

My 3yo Quarter horse gelding had arthroscopic surgery Dec. '07 to debride a 1.5 cm subchondral cyst of the medial femoral condyle. The Wayner's prognosis was fair following surgery. Though the stifle continued to heal during the next nine months, the vet warned me that some stifles never heal completely. The end of September I started supplementing with the OCD pellets. The Wayner's last exam was Nov. 1. What a pleasant surprise! The debrided area is completely filled with tissue and getting denser. The small bone spur on his right hock that was diagnosed in September is almost gone. The Wayner's prognosis is excellent, and he is off to the trainer in January. The Wayner's vet does not recommend supplements citing no clinical evidence that any of them work. After viewing the radiographs last week, Dr. Paul suggested I keep The Wayner on the OCD pellets. Not to worry, Dr. Paul, I will. Thanks Dr. Beebe!!!

Deborah Chandler

Yearling warmblood colt who was diagnosed with physitis

I have a yearling warmblood colt who was diagnosed with Physitis shortly after he was weaned. He has really long legs, has been growing very fast, and he will clearly grow to be very tall. We were told that there was little we could do beyond making sure he spent his life outside with lots of movement for circulation and carefully controlling his diet. His legs and joints would swell and puff up something awful, even in spite of following all the good advice. We were very discouraged, and we certainly didn't want to see the Physitis somehow develop into full blown OCD. A friend told me about the OCD Pellets, and because I was ready to try anything, I ordered them. The difference was like night and day. Within just a couple of weeks, I had a foal with normal looking legs and joints. Wow! When I run out, you can see a little bit of the swelling return. When I put him back on it, you can see everything return to normal within just a few days. I am a major believer now, and I'm extremely grateful to have found something that actually works!

Lori Wilton

McMinnville, Oregon
Nov. 2008

Fracture that was completely healed in 60 days!

I wanted to let everyone know that I was very skeptical about this product. I own a 3 year old race horse that had to have surgery for bone spurs at the end of his 2 year old career and now that he raced five races as a 3 year old, its time for surgery again. In the first set of x-rays just after his last race, he had 2 spurs and one chip. The big problem was that he has a fracture behind one of the spurs. I was told about this product from one of our trainers. I called and talked to Dr. Beebe about this colt he told me to give him 60 days off before surgery and give him a double dose for those 60 days and then rex-ray him. Today we did re-x-ray him and there was no fracture anywhere. They did the surgery and still could not find any fracture. The good thing is that I have a first set of x-rays with the fracture and a second x-ray 60 days later that shows no fracture. He also had a bone density problem that it has helped with. This has made me a believer in this product. I would recommend this product to everyone.

Robin Thurmond
Oct 2008

OCD of both stifles and had arthroscopic surgery

Cody is my yearling Dutch warmblood cross from my Percheron mare. At six months old he was already 14 hands tall when we noticed lameness and stifle swelling. He was diagnosed at the Purdue Vet Clinic with OCD of both stifles and had arthroscopic surgery. I happened to find an ad for OCD on the internet while searching out information on OCD treatments. When I called to get more information, Dr. Beebe was very kind to talk with me and explain that a colt growing as fast as Cody needed the OCD product to produce optimum bones, especially after the surgery he had been through. He has been on OCD since March and runs and plays like any other colt with no sign of lameness. He is now 15.1 hands high and still growing, but at six months after his surgery he is sound and happy.

Thanks for the information, Dr. Beebe!

Deb Johnson Oct. 2008

Sore 4YO Filly

I have been around horse racing all my life and have seen a lot of sore horses in my time and had some of my own, but I received a 4 yr old filly back in June that could not even walk out of her stall she was so bad off. I took her to the equine hospital in lexington and they said she was sore more than any horse they have seen in a long time. So I talked to doc Beebe and he put me on the OCD pellets and I have to say that in just 3 weeks this filly has made a big turnaround! She feels great and just can't stand herself she feels so good. We have gone from putting her in the breeding shed to getting her ready for the fall meet at Churchill Downs. I can't thank Dr. Beebe enough and now I have my hole barn on OCD pellets. I make it a point to tell all my friends about the OCD pellets and recommend everyone, rather they have racehorses or trail horses, if you want to give your horses the best of care then you need to give them The OCD pellets!!!!!

Thank you DR. Beebe, you are the best!

Trainer, Jerome F Miller

Fractured Vertebrae

My 11 year old gelding was hit in the face by a farrier and rocked back, broke his halter, fell sideways and hit his neck on the barn wall. He had severe swelling and difficulty walking. I took him to A & M Vet Clinic in College Station, Texas. X-rays revealed a fractured vertebrae with the diagnosis for recovery "grim". I was devastated. This was the love of my life. He was confined to his stall for 4 months with limited turn out upon completion of the 4 months. I saw the add in a magazine and immediately ordered the OCD. I didn't mention it to the vet because she said any medications suggesting recovery was little more than voodoo.

After 4 months on the OCD, the final x-ray revealed the fracture completely healed with no displacement. The clinic was thrilled and said we couldn't have asked for a better recovery. They were really surprised.

He's now going better than ever. I have praised your product to anyone that would listen.

Thank you!

Sherry Feldman, Houston, TX, July 2008

Cartilage Degeneration

I have 6 year old gelding CBS Montana Joe that began to show lameness late summer of 2007. I had X-rays done by local vet, Jones Henderson DVM in October 7, 2007.

I was referred to Mid Atlantic Equine Center for X-rays and lameness exam. The results were as follows;

  • Right Stifle - OCD fragment, cartilage degeneration and subchondral bone cyst
  • Left Stifle - Significant flatting of the trochlear ridge.

Pathy Doyle, DVM said it was one of the worst cases she had seen and was not sure that we would get any results with surgery. Montana Joe was not given a good prognosis.

The option was IRAP injections. Montana Joe had 2 injections one on January 2nd, 2008 and the second one on January 14th, 2008. He was still lame after the injections and I was desperate.

I saw an ad for OCD Pellets in a magazine and I asked the surgeon about the product. She was not familiar with the product but I figured at this point it would not hurt to try. I started him on OCD Pellets in March 2008 and with 2-3 weeks I saw a huge improvement. I also saw changes in his attitude; he was not the nicest horse previously, very hard to handle and would bite. Looking back, we now realize his bad behavior was all pain related.

I had my vet check him about 1 month ago and he passed with flying colors, even flex tests (which in the past all but put him on the ground). He is now ready to go back to work. I was running out of hope for him until I found your product. I had been told several times that it would be best to put him down but I would not accept that. I am sure glad I didn't.

Thank you for giving me back my horse. I hope others who think they have no hope read this and know that this product is out there.

Jeannie Koch,Bainbridge,PA, June 2008

Fracture of lateral posterior splint bone

My yearling filly fractured her lateral posterior splint bone by stepping into a sink hole. She is my future show mare and is very special to me. I had ice on her leg within 10 minutes of the accident and the vet arrived within 20 minutes.

After many discussions and x-rays we had to make some decisions. She was unable to get to the hospital due to the local hospital being under the herpes alert. Therefore, we were left to treat her via phone and the use of our local vet.

In a desperate attempt to get her well, I started searching the magazines and computer. I found your product. My filly spent 3 months on stall rest and OCD only. She not only healed but it is very difficult to see where she fractured her leg. The hospital physicians stated that it is one of the best fracture healing they have ever seen.

Thank you for my filly's recovery. She is sound and back out playing in the fields without an issue.

Angie Francart 3/27/2008

Bucked Shins

"OCD Pellets have all but eliminated bucked shins in my barn"

-Wynn Jolley

Cannon Bone Fracture

Hi, we had a racehorse who fractured his cannon bone. We immediately put him on OCD pellets, did therapy with him and gave him stall rest. Within four months he was totally healed and back in training. He also has won two races for us since then and is sound as a dollar. We also had a foal who had a knee fracture. As soon as she was nibbling on food we put her on OCD pellets. She is now a yearling and x-rays show no sign of a fracture and her knee is perfectly normal as if nothing had happened. Thank you for this amazing product.

Robin Stepanoff 3/12/08

Royal Equine Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc

We (Royal Equine Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc), are a non-profit horse rescue in Maryland. When an orphan foal, "Mighty"- came into our rescue with OCDs we went everywhere looking for answers to what we could do to help him. When we found OCD Pellets at Doc's Equine Products, we contacted them to find out more. The staff returned our email right away, and not only were they kind and helpful, but they offered us a four month supply for Mighty! We cannot wait to try this product! Thank you so much for helping us save this wonderful horse! We will email a update after he has tried the OCD Pellets!

Alyssa C. Taylor, Cofounder & Development Director

Sore and Boggy Hocks

We bought a yearling from Winback Farm that had OCD surgery. When we put her in training we found that she was getting sore and boggy hocks. We requested info/xrays from them and when they did not respond to our letters I was beside myself since we did not want to give up on the filly. So, I ordered your OCD Pellets. The filly is back in training and so far doing well without any soreness issues. I then used the pellets on another gelding we had that had some soreness in his ankle area and he is completely sound now too. Great product that I would recommend to others who need good results such as these!!!!

Rae Lynn Bergman, Gap, PA 2/17/08

Dear Dr. Beebe,

Jesse hit a growth spurt in the late summer and his joints (particularly knees and hocks) began to deteriorate rapidly. Naturally, I was beside myself. I had my vet check him and he said they were so bad, that we needed to think about putting him down. I began doing some research and found your OCD pellets. I turned Jesse out in a pasture and put him on a diet of equine Junior, grass, hay and OCD pellets. It has been about 6 months now and I felt the need to share this with you. Jesse no longer looks lame at all. He plays like many horses his age. His hocks appear normal to the eye and his knees, although not yet what I would hope for, have vastly improved. He continues to be a happy and lovable youngster who now has a much brighter future. Although we are not out of the woods yet, we at least are now hopeful that Jesse will be pain free and rideable. Thank you for the OCD pellets and sharing your knowledge.

David & Diane Kutz
Palos Park, IL 60464

Inoperable OCD Lesion

OCD has proven it's effectiveness for us with a nice two year in training prospect. We took the prelim radiographs and discovered an inoperable ocd lesion. We tried the traditional treatment route, Adequan with stall rest but to no avail. Although we were very skeptical, we decided to try OCD, Optimal Cartilage Development. At this point what did we have to lose? We radiographed at 20 days and were amazed to see improvement! We radiographed again at 45 days and although still visible, the changes were amazing. By 120 days the ocd lesion was not visible on the radiographs! We are an "old school" operation and don't believe in supplements. However, OCD is different, it works. We missed the two year old sale but it looks like we will have a nice race horse!

Wm. E Brown III
River Rock Farm
Port Deposit, MD

Foxdale's Tornado

"We feel it has played a big part in his recovery and have kept him on OCDTM Pellets ever since and will continue to do so." - Read more in success stories

Janet Maxwell, Foxdale Farm Inc.

Lady Belsara

"Lady Belsara's accomplishments have certainly proven the effectiveness of OCDTM Pellets. I recommend this product to all my clients." - Read more in success stories

S. Matthew Kintz, trainer

Brass Hat

"Since his sesamoid fracture, OCDTM Pellets is the only bone product fed to Brass Hat and has played a significant role in his recovery. I've continued to feed OCDTM Pellets to Brass Hat and many other horses in my stable. The results are tremendous." - Read more in success stories

Buff Bradley, trainer
October 11, 2007

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