Who Benefits From COS Pellets

COS™ Pellets will support the bone and
joint health of dogs in all stages of life..

The relationship between nutrition and supplements for the development of the bone and joint at different stages of life is enormous.   Providing the correct nutrition in the form of a supplement at all ages is vital for the dog.  Most people think that bone is a static structure - like a pillar of plaster.  Bone continually undergoes remodeling, replacing and repairing itself.  There are as many as 10 million dogs that presently suffer from the continual pain of orthopedic conditions and one can assume there are even more at risk.

Younger dogs

Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, OCD (Osteochondritis dissecans), and HOD (Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy) often appear within the first year of the dog’s life and are not a result of stress or trauma.  Far too many dogs’ owners think that early development in their dogs just naturally takes place without considering the need of a supplement to build strong and healthy joints and bone for a better life later. 

By the time symptoms of disorders occur, changes in the cartilage have already taken place; your dog begins to slow down and struggles to be as active as he once was. The key to prevent the various problems associated with bone and joint disorders lies in the attempt to control both genetic and environmental (nutrition) risk factors.  COS™ Pellets will address the environmental risk factor at an early age. 

COS™ Pellets ingredients of Proline, Glycine Isolates (Chondroitin), Glutamine Isolates (Glucosamine), Manganese, Zinc, silicon, sulfur and vitamins help increase bone density at an early age to prevent joint problems later in life.

Older dogs

DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease), Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, etc. are progressive conditions and mainly occur later in life as a result of wear and tear.  We are very fortunate that most canine orthopedic conditions can be treated, bringing your dog pain relief and allowing them to return to normal mobility and function.  

COS™ Pellets supply the ingredients Gelatin and Glycine to reduce inflammation in the joint, and Sulfur to increase bone density and relief of joint pain.  COS™ Pellets will provide your dog with the daily nutritional requirements for healthy bones and joints, while helping to manage orthopedic conditions in your older dog.