Why - COS Pellets

COS™ Pellets (Canine Orthopedic Solution) support the bone and joint health of dogs in all stages of life.

Bone continually undergoes remodeling; replacing and repairing itself.  The relationship between nutrition and a supplement for the development of bone and joints for your canine pet is enormous.  

OCD (Osteochondritis Dissecans), DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease), Ostheoarthritis, HOD (Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy), Osteoporosis, Hip Dysplasia, etc., are orthopedic conditions that affect the health of the bones and joints. 

Building healthy bone requires the proper activity of bone-building hormones, cells, and nutrients.  The dual-action nature of COS™ Pellets supplies the building blocks necessary for the creation and maintenance of healthy cartilage (bone).  Inflammation interferes with bone building and accelerates bone loss.  Corta-Flx®, a clinically proven formula found in COS™ Pellets, is a source of nutrients that addresses the inflammation in the joint.  That is why COS™ Pellets are so effective.  COS™ Pellets address not only the inflammation but also the main issue– the bone matrix and cartilage at a joint.

Studies demonstrate that Chondroitin, Glucosamine and Hyaluronic Acid  (Glycosaminoglycans - Proteoglycans) are large molecules difficult to be absorbed.  COS™ Pellets does not rely on these large and difficult molecules for absorption.  COS™ Pellets formulation is a revolutionary formulation of micro-sized isolates comparable to the active ingredients of Chondroitin, Glucosamine and MSM for better assimilation and absorption.  Do you want your pet to wait, or do you want the faster method to relief? There is no other product with Glucosamine and Chondroitin - regardless the milligram strength - that can match the effectiveness of COS ™ Pellets with just 2 grams given per day.

For these reasons, COS™ Pellets address the daily nutritional requirements for the development, maintenance and repair of bone and joints.  Want to keep your pets healthy and active by adding a daily supplement to his diet?  COS™ Pellets help decrease the discomfort associated with daily activities to maintain a mobile, pain-free pet.  You will be able to quickly see that your dog is more active, more comfortable, and happier when COS™ Pellets are a part of his daily nutritional program.