What is Osteochondrosis in Horses?

After twenty-plus years of veterinarian practice Dr. Beebe became concerned with the significant increase in problems associated with the equine skeletal system.

After categorizing radiographs over a fifteen year period he began seeing more and more horse fractures, equine bone spurs, Epiphysitis in horses, OCD in horses, Sesamoiditis in horses etc. This general breakdown of the equine skeletal system became a serious concern of his and his clients. Having done post - graduate work in equine nutrition he firmly believed there was a nutritional basis for this demise of the equine skeletal system of the equine athlete and not totally a genetic influence as most breeders' believed.

It is common knowledge that wild horses travel many miles once or twice a year to obtain specific trace minerals contained within certain soils to aid in their overall nutritional health. The now total confinement of horses in general eliminates this travel entirely resulting in the horse not being permitted to attain the trace mineral complexes needed to produce a strong bone matrix resulting in an overall "weakened" skeletal system.

To make matters worse, after many soil samples it was found that most soils were leeched of the minerals needed to build a strong skeletal system. Accordingly, even though many horses are permitted limited grazing the grasses do not contain the minerals/vitamins required for the rapid growth of the skeletal system.

Enter OCD™ Pellets

Although many clients are feeding OCD™ Pellets to their horses to resolve issues such as those listed above, many are now seeing the true benefit of prevention of these serious equine bone lesions.

Many clients are feeding OCD™ Pellets to their horses that have been plagued by arthritis and are now seeing pain-free horses which are now able to be ridden and enjoyed.


Included in OCD™ Pellets, along with necessary trace mineral complexes required to build strong bone, is CORTA-FLX®, the number one joint supplement. The addition has led to better quality joint fluid (synovial fluid) resulting in horses being able to reach their full potential. This is a win-win situation for both the horse and owner. Once a horse is diagnosed with an OCD (Osteochondritis Dissecans) there have been few choices: Surgery, rest, and hope for the best, or provide the horse with the ingredients needed to form good bone.

What is Osteochondrosis in horses (OCDs in horses)?

OCD™ Pellets address the daily nutritional requirements for any horse, regardless of age. Osteochondrosis (OCD) is the failure of the bone to develop a strong cross linkage of collagen fibers. This condition affects the articular joint (cartilage) and often involves the subchondral bone just beneath the cartilage surface. Clinical signs develop when the cartilage in the joint starts to flake away, releasing debris into the joint and resulting in joint inflammation. OCD lesions can cause serious lameness and may show up only when the horse is stressed.

What are the Symptoms of OCD in horses?

The most common sign of OCD is effusion in the joint of a young horse. Colorado State University found that 55.9% of the horses presented to them with OCD were young horses (less than one - year old). Skeletal growth is rapid during the first twelve months; at six months of age bone mineralization is 68% complete. OCD™ Pellets, when fed in the second trimester of the pregnant mare and during the first year of a colt's life, address these nutritional requirements resulting in OCD-free bones.

What Causes OCD in Horses?

Poor nutrition, mechanical trauma, and rapid growth are the three leading causes of OCD in horses, with poor nutrition being the most important. OCD™ Pellets address the nutritional role in the development of the cartilage/bone and the synovial fluid in the articular joint. OCD™ Pellets are the only bone supplement on the market made with the clinically proven CORTA-FLX® plus Hyaluronic Acid, Trace Mineral Complexes, Micronutrients, Essential Amino Acids and Silicon (Sodium Zeolite A). Sodium Zeolite is the only form of Silicon that has been clinically proved to be bio - available to horses.

Studies prove that silicon, along with the correct amounts of Trace mineral complexes, Micronutrients, and Essential Amino Acids, produces an increase in bone mineral density (bone mass) in newly formed bone and in a process called remodeling after bone formation. Based on current clinical data, silicon is considered a critical nutrient in managing the effects and healing of OCD lesions. The Hyaluronic Acid (from a vegetable-based source) is a low molecular - weight substance permitting higher absorption rates and resulting in superior lubrication of the joint and healthier synovial fluid.

How Does OCD™ Pellets Treat Equine Bone Problems?

OCD™ Pellets contain key Amino Acids and isolated micronutrients that make up the complexes chondroitin and glucosamine, necessary in the formation of a strong bone matrix. The break-through of OCD™ Pellets formula provides the ultimate nutritional support in the development and maintenance of the skeletal system necessary for normal, healthy bones and joints. The effectiveness of any oral supplement is determined by its ability to pass through the cellular walls and arrive at their intended destination. OCD™ Pellets' formulation includes micro-sized molecules for effective assimilation and utilization.

The alfalfa based pellets can be top dressed on individual feedings or blended into your custom feed mixture. It is easy to use one scoop (1 oz) per day, full strength and two scoops (2 oz) per day for horses with bone problems. OCD™ Pellets are cost effective and depending on the amount you buy may cost less than $1.00 per day. OCD™ Pellets will help your equine athletes to be successful for sales, showing, or racing.